Who we are.

Korean meals are about the shared experience.
It brings laughter and conversation with a very healthy, tasty, hearty food.
Gourmet Korea is a Korean Food Specialist company where we make Korean Meal Kits and Ready Meal products so our customers can enjoy top-quality Korean food easily at your comfort home.

“Quality of Korean dishes are amazing. Their packaging was very effective and frozen items were still frozen on delivery”
– Alexandra

“It’s not too difficult to enjoy proper Korean food at home now! Thanks for such wonderful Korean dishes”

Our story.

At a dinner party, during a conversation over a good Korean meal, Seung Hyun, a.k.a Sharky, founder of Gourmet Korea found that some of his friends wanted to cook some authentic Korean food at home but often felt discouraged by the seemingly endless options of products in their local Asian Supermarket.

This sparked the idea to provide a great quality of authentic Korean Meal Kits with straight-forward recipes to follow to make Korean dishes at home for any level of cook and for all food lovers!

We first started small, bringing our Korean dish menus into a bowl and took it to the local markets. They were sold in minutes! Everyone loved our healthy and flavoursome bowl.
Great food made with great ingredients locally – easy!!

Now we wanted to take this further – bringing our passion so more of you can enjoy the glorious flavour found in Korean food at your comfort home.

All our dishes and kits are made by Korean family’s loving hands. Simply follow the recipe for our kits and enjoy our ready meal ranges for any level of cook and for all food lovers!

It’s not too difficult to enjoy quality Korean food at home after all. Be an adventurous foodie and enjoy the proper Korean food with Gourmet Korea!