MR. KIMCHI’s Vegan Kimchi DIY Kit (Serves 5-6 people)


With MR. KIMCHI’s Vegan Kimchi DIY Kit, every ingredient is included with a straight-forward recipe card for you to make fresh, delicious Vegan Kimchi at home.
(cook time: 3 HOURS / serves 5-6)
Vegan Kimchi DIY Kit includes:-
  • Chinese leave
  • Glutinous Rice Powder
  • Sea Salt for brining
  • Sea Salt for chilli paste
  • Sugar
  • Chilli Powder
  • Garlic
  • Spring Onion
  • Mooli
NOTE: Store below 5 °C. Use Kimchi DIY Kit within 5 days of delivery.
Product of UK


MR. KIMCHI’s Vegan Kimchi DIY Kit (Serves 5-6 people)


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Customer Reviews

Gourmet Korea

Customer Reviews

LK 15/04/21

So glad to have come across Gourmet Korea, especially during lockdown when home cooking was necessary almost every day and a change in the routine was so welcomed. Shipping was fast and the items were very well packed and clearly labeled. The home KBBQ meal kits are convenient and easy - everything is included (except the rice) so you don't even need to get your own ssamjang. The meats come fully marinaded, you just need to spend 10 mins cooking it up in a pan if you haven't got a Korean-style grill. Portion size is generous enough to leave two adults with decent appetites feeling fully satisfied. Taste-wise it's authentic & delicious and not "fusion" nor altered/watered down for foreign tongues (speaking as someone who's previously lived in Seoul for 9 years and has eaten plenty of all the delicious Korean things). We tried all 5 flavours of the bbq kits available and our favourites were the LA galbi and the jeyook bokkeum (spicy pork, not that spicy though!). We've since reordered a large enough quantity to keep some in the freezer for days when we want a little taste of Korea again and will definitely reorder when our stash is gone!

Yujie Chen 21/04/21

Fantastic food and fast delivery!

Jo Wood 06/05/21

Excellent!!! Punctual delivery and very tasty Korean barbecue food.

Customer 07/05/21

Ordered packs of marinated meat and found the ingredients were fresh, packaged in clean vacuum seal. Taste authentic and great for grills and bbq! Will order again soon.

Mr G Hall 21/04/21

I bought some Kim Chee and other food for my parent's birthday. I called the company beforehand with a couple of delivery questions. They were very helpful. I'd definitely buy from them again.

Crystal Ong 15/04/21

Food was amazing! There was a slight hiccup with my order but it was quickly rectified and the team gave us some additional stuff to compensate which was not necessary but very much appreciated.

S Allford 15/04/21

Fantastic , wonderful Korean food experience will definitely try again big thumbs up 👍

A Watson 15/04/21

The food box arrived on time and on the confirmed date. I ordered two of the meal kits which were as described and packed in a temperature controlled box. They meal kits came with a recipe card with clear cooking instructions. Also, I bought some other non perishable products that were well packed and with good use by dates.

Mischa 21/04/21

I love gourmet Korea, great products. Packed well, I love Korean food and to be able to share it with my family while in lockdown has been fantastic. I can’t wait for the ready meal options to be available and will defo be ordering again. Fantastic